You still have 6 months to achieve your 2022 resolutions

Let’s go back in time to 31, December 2021

We all remember our excitement to welcome the new year with loads of goals to achieve before the end of 2022! But, if you didn’t start yet, you still have 6 months left. So take the chance.


Exercise daily!

This habit should be forever. Don’t exercise just to lose weight, exercise to stay fit and healthy. We should change our mindsets and start considering working out is as important as food and water.

Read more!

We all read… we read Instagram captions, Facebook posts and memes that most of us relate to. But, what about reading books for our own knowledge. Most of us have reached a level where we think “I know enough” well, it’s never enough.


Laugh louder!

Forget about being “charismatic”. Laughing will make you more approachable by others. Laughing works on boosting your mood which makes you a positive person who always sees the bright side of each and every matter of life. This is a talent that we MUST all have, especially in such times.

Hydrate all day long!

Just type the word “water” in Google, and the number of researches that have been written on the benefits of water is numerous. Set a water reminder for yourself and keep yourself hydrated. By following this step you’re helping your body to prevent water retention and dryness.

Let go of the past!

Living in your past will destroy your present and your future. Practice the art of letting go and living the moment.


Put yourself first!

This might sound selfish, but, this is how things should work. Taking care of yourself will pave the path for you to take care of those you love and care about. So, always remember to treat yourself the way you would treat someone you love.


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