6 Points to remind yourself to be mentally and emotionally healthier

Remind yourself of these points every day!

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Life is challenging, and keeping yourself happy and cheerful is not easy as it sounds! It’s a fact that happiness starts from the inside. So, if your happiness is not coming from your heart, nothing will make you.

What to do if happiness is not visiting your heart? Have an open conversation with yourself. And tell yourself the below points. Eventually, it will work like magic! And remember that,  you are worth it!



  • Remind yourself that you are not alone

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It’s for those who overthink every little thing! When we are at the lowest, our brain starts to exaggerate each and every small detail and tends to overanalyze incidents that no one might remember. These fears are the fuel of our low energy and feeling worthless. Share your thoughts and fears out loud with a friend that your trust, a family member who comforts you, or your own therapist. Remember that you are your worst critic, and sharing these thoughts with others will help you release them and will remind you that you are not alone, even if seems the opposite.


  • Emotions are instantaneous

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It’s recommended to not take decisions in anger and to not give promises in happiness. Give yourself time to understand whether your actions are coming from a thought or an emotion. This will help you in dealing with daily ups and downs and will give you time to analyze your reactions.



  • Listen to your body

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Listening to our bodies is an essential step toward a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Yes, it’s important to have a routine that includes working out, getting laundry done, reading 5 pages a day, and eating healthy snacks. But, sometimes all we need is to relax, watch our favorite series for the fifth time and enjoy our comfortable beds. Both sides are equally important to stay happy and healthy!


  • Repeat “I am enough”

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Comparing yourself with others will cause depression. It’s unhealthy to motivate yourself by comparing your lifestyle, financial status, or any other life aspect with others. Remind yourself that you are enough, and celebrate your success, it doesn’t matter if it’s a small or big success. Learn the art of appreciating yourself.


  • Master the talent of letting go what doesn’t serve you anymore

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A friend who let you down, or a partner who broke your heart. We move on physically, but mentally and emotionally, we might still be affected by the damage that happened. It’s the time to learn how to deal with such a dilemma, and how to choose yourself and your peace over everything. And remember that if anything costs you your peace, it’s too expensive.


  • Be a progress seeker, not a perfectionist freak!

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Let’s admit that the word “Perfectionism” doesn’t fit our world. Nothing is 100% perfect. Flaws are part of our normal human nature. But, working towards our best version of ourselves is the key. Choose progress over perfection, and watch yourself enjoying the journey without stressing over the result.



Feature photo by: Tyler Nix on Unsplash


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