5 Dos and don’ts of make-up routine

Everyday there are new discoveries in the world of make-up. So fastidious it’s rather hard to keep up with. So here’s a rundown of five baisc dos and don’ts of make-up routines.

— Clean your face
Before you apply any kind of make—up, make sure to keep your face clean and grease free.

— Wash your brushes
Wash your brushes and sponges after you’ve applied your make—up. Having a clean kit is important for hygiene.

— Invest in a magnifying glass
Magnifying glass is the best to check your make—up closely. Whatever is missed or needs to be fixed can be done with a magnifying glass.

— Use your brushes
Always use your brushes wherever necessar, especially when applying lip gloss or lip stick. It is also important to use the correct brush.

— Prep your lashes
When you apply a second coat of mascara after already having one for a long time, it makes your lashes clumpy. Comb through your lashes with a wet spoolie brush to avoid that.

— Forget to clean up
Falling alseep with your make—up still on is extremely unhealthy for your skin and will take a toll on it.

— Buy too much
Investing in too many make—up products may not be the smartest move. Buy something only if you think suits you the best, not just because its trendy.

— Use dark shades
Don’t use dark shades of lipstick on thin lips. Brighter colours accentuate thin lips while darker ones make them look even smaller.

— Apply too much
Be is foundation or lip liner or any other product, don’t apply it too much. It looks unnatural and overwhelming. Less is always more!

— Skip moisturizer
Applying make—up may sometimes make your skin dehydrated and dry. Moisturisers help with that. Never skip moisturizer in your routine!

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)

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