5 Questions to not ask your newly married friend

We all want to avoid awkward situations; these situations could be caused by a question that we randomly ask. Avoid them!


You might find it difficult to start a conversation with your newly married friend, without talking about marriage life directly. Thinking about the right question to check up on them. Well, yeah, we know what you are going through. Below are few questions that you should avoid asking when you meet your newlywed friend!


  • How’s married life?

It might sound like a normal question. But let’s be honest, what is the answer that you are expecting? The answer will be most probably “fine”! after one week of being married, both, groom and bride, are still trying to show the best of themselves. This question will put the newly married couple under pressure.

  • When are you having kids?

Like, seriously? Sometimes or should we say “many times”. The Mr. and the Mrs. themselves don’t know when they are going to have kids. They are going through a new life, trying to figure out how things are going, are they are ready mentally and financially to have kids? All these points are for the couple to discuss, not outsiders.


  • Are you sure that she/he is the one?

Isn’t too late to ask this question? This question is nothing but putting doubts in your friend’s head, and, yes, gifting him/her a sleepless night. Instead, try to be supportive.

  • Did you know 50% of marriages end in divorce?

Oh, thank you for this valuable information. However, assuming that a new marriage won’t work out, just because of figures and numbers, isn’t what we are looking for here. Instead, wish them togetherness and happiness.

  • Are you scared?

Excuse me, but such a question will make the bride and groom really scared. Of course, getting married is not easy, but come on! You shouldn’t remind them about their fears when they are trying their best to ignore and forget about them.




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