A Dog is Man’s Best Friend


Denny – Milo Ventimiglia

Eve – Amanda Seyfried

Enzo the dog – Kevin Costner


When the dog is the storyteller, you will see life from another angle. The Art of Racing in the Rain talks about a dog who wishes to be a human, and specifically a racer. The dog believes that in his next life, he will be a human being.  His owner, Denny, a great racer under the rain, his wife Eve and their daughter Zoe are Enzo’s family. When Eve gets sick, things change. and after Eve passes away, nothing stays the same. Enzo the dog, shares with us his feelings, thoughts and wishes. Denny, after his wife’s death goes through many problems, a criminal charge and custody case and the dog is witness to all. A film that will push you to hug your dog, and coax you to get one if you don’t have one. A film that will make you smile and cry. How Enzo describes the events will push you to laugh, and the way Enzo supports his owner will remind you of the importance of having a good friend, whether it is a dog or a human being. The movie releases today.




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