A guide to make-up brushes

What’s make-up without the right make-up brushes? Most of us have a few brushes in different sizes that we use for various purposes without knowing the ‘what’ or ‘why’ of it. Let’s see the make-up brushes that should be a part of your vanity box and what they’re used for:

Powder Brush




The powder brush is a wide and thick brush used essentially to dust powder on the face. The way to achieve it is to evenly coat the brush in powder and dab it around your face in a circular motion. 

Eyeliner Brush


The eyeliner brush has small and thinly packed bristles. They’re used for cream-based eyeliners to get those iconic winged eyes.  

Fan Brush


A fan brush looks like the traditional Japanese hand fans. It helps dust in and dust off make-up equally well. Fan brushes help greatly in the application of highlighters. You just have to move them in a sweeping motion for a well-highlighted face. 

Foundation Brush

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The foundation brush is usually flat that makes it easier to apply liquid foundation. Just dip the brush in water and squeeze out the excess water. This helps to coat the foundation uniformly across the face. It can also be used as a concealer brush following the same process, in case of a liquid concealer. 

Stippling Brush


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A stippling brush has fibres of two different lengths that help mark proper layers of make-up. All you have to do it is push it gently on your face and move it in swirling motions. Although good with powders, it is best used with liquid-based products. Stippling brushes can be used for blush and primer. 

Lip Brush


A lip brush resembles the eyeliner brush a bit. It helps to coat lip products well so that no part is missed or left undone.

Eye shadow Brush

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An eye shadow brush has small, usually stubby bristles that apply eyeshadow on the creases of the eye perfectly. Just dip in the powder, dust off excess, and apply. 

Contour Brush


The contour brush is an angled brush that helps in achieving that angular facial structure. It helps in blending the make-up thoroughly so that the final look is natural and there is no difference of shades on the face.  

Eyebrow Brush

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Eyebrow brushes come with a comb on one side and a brush on the other so that you can comb your eyebrows first to get them even and then define them.

Spoolie Brush




Spoolie brushes are used in the application of mascara. There are many kinds of spoolies used for different purposes. This brush separates the lashes and coats them evenly.



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