A guide to travelling light!

Travelling for some of us is not just for a trip here or a staycation there; it’s a passion! The pandemic had flagged the spirits of zealous voyagers. And now that we can get back to it, wouldn’t it be absolutely fitting we could also travel light? Travelling light isn’t all that difficult once you get the hang of it even though it might take a couple trips.

Packing by outfit is the right way to go about it. Picking clothes at random to carry with you makes it difficult to pair them when you need during the trip!

Dopp kit is a small zip bag to contain all your toiletries. Keeping them spread out in your travel bag can take up a lot of unnecessary space and is rather unhygienic. So, have a dopp kit ready to go for travel only.

Make sure to have a proper layout of things in your bag. Just folding your clothes is not enough! It’s important to have a dedicated space for every item in your luggage.

Health kit and first aid kit go hand in hand. Always have a few necessary medications, lotions and antibiotics in that kit aside from bandages and gauze pads.

Correct way to pack clothes in luggage is just as important as the first aid or toiletries. The trick is to roll your clothes, not fold them! Rolling them saves more space than folding. This way you have a little extra space in your luggage to carry snacks and water!

Well, we hope this guide helped you. Bon Voyage!

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)


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