A World of Gossamer Dreams!

She is the quintessential dream -maker. A designer who weaves poetry into her designs and adds her dose of elegance, chic and beauty to her clothes. Her designs have been part of the fashion shows across the world be it London, Paris, Oman and preferred by the royal families of the UAE and the Middle East. Her client base extends to Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, as well as South Africa, the United States, United Kingdom, India and Pakistan.

Manju Ramanan in conversation with Dubai based ace designer, Salma Khan.

 You are born and raised in Dubai. What was your first exposure to fashion and the international market?

I took part in the Bridal Fashion Show in Paris about 17,18 years ago and since then there has been no looking back.

You started out two decades ago. Tell us about the initial years and the major highlights as you look back 20 years?

Yes. It has been over two decades in this space. My major highlights have been the London Fashion Week, the Paris Fashion Show, and the Oman Fashion show where I was invited by the royalty.

 You have designed for royalty. Can you share individual fashion statements preferred by them and how do you personalize each piece?

They like simple and elegant designs. Their tastes are such.

How has the pandemic affected the world of fashion? How do you see the future of fashion?

I see the future work as being majorly online and I think that is the best future. Also, no fashion shows will be happening. We should concentrate on being online more.

What are your fashion predictions for 2021? What are the colours you would like to see?

After the pandemic we all want to see happy colours. Any colour that brings smiles on people inspires me. The spirt of smiles and happiness will be used in my future collection since this is what the world needs after this year!

What keeps you going creatively when you hit a road block? 

I take long walks while listening to classical music to clear my head and re think my ideas.

What are the accessories that you will incorporate in 2021?

This year has introduced face masks to the world. The accessory that I will include in 2021 will be trendy, modern and affordable face masks, that can be used for all occasions. Stay safe and secure, while looking beautiful.

What is that one fabric that works on women of all body types? Do you have a favourite?

Chiffon is my favourite fabric along with pure silk

Define the Salma Khan woman in three words?

Elegant and chic.



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