Bébé-Licious Diva: Moira Rose’s 7 Most Iconic Outfits!

Catherine O’Hara’s character in Schitt’s Creek is a treasure safely placed in a fabulous monochrome, bedazzled chest that speaks in a faux British accent. Here are 7 of her most legendary outfits: 

A checkered dream: 

A beige, dull motel is not the background that could compliment any being or any outfit. Well, any being that isn’t Moira Rose. With that statement collar and amazing outfit, Moira looks like a pristine chessboard, and we mean that in the nicest way possible. 

An ostrich-feathered beauty: 

Moira Rose’s gown for her movie premiere will leave you speechless. 

A punk icon: 

Back up, town council, Moira Rose is here to get the job done right. The dress, the chain, with the wig and her leopard printed handbag scream ‘Do Not Mess With Me’ and we’re here for it!

No such thing as too many accessories: 

A choker and a necklace, with intricate bracelets and even more intricate rings, adorning a beautiful Moira. There is no single adjective apt enough for this genius ensemble.

Leather will never go out of fashion: 

Did you ever think that wearing leather is ‘too 90s’? Here’s Moira Rose to prove you wrong.

If outfits could speak: Let’s get this photoshoot done. 

This outfit is the answer to how to look like the queen of effortless, monochromatic fashion. Here’s a fun fact: This outfit took two hours for Catherine O’Hara to put on. It definitely looks like it’s worth it. 

A divine outfit: 

Here’s the new rule: Do not wear white to a wedding, unless you’re Moira Rose. An unmatchable mix of white and gold, paired with a crown made out of hair, and the many, many delicate and exquisite accessories — Moira Rose looks like an angel in a Pope’s disguise. 


(Contributed by Sakshi Prabhu)


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