Blend your eyeshadow like a PRO

To get the makeup look that you want, you must get your eyeshadow colors blended all together well. You don’t need thousands of brushes or expensive eyeshadow palettes to get that glam look. Gentle touch and patience are what you really need.

Start with a primer, it keeps the eyeshadow for a longer time, and it shows the right shade of the eyeshadow on your eyelid.

If you don’t want to go and buy a primer for your eyeshadow, just use the concealer. It works!

Soften your eyeshadow primer to get the shadows blended or, the shadow would stick or one corner of your eyelid. Using a creamy basic color, you can achieve this step.

Gently hold the brush, spread the eyeshadow back and forth on your eyelid to cover it all. Always use light colors for this step if you are going to the office or a morning date.

If you decided to add a dramatic touch to your look and add a dark color, apply it on the bottom of the eyelid, to keep the look clean and soft.

Adding shimmering shade is a trend that most of the famous makeup artists follow. Use a setting spray if you want to follow this trend, apply the shade on one side of the brush and apply it on the inner corner. A buffy brush is a must to blend the final look to avoid any harsh lines.




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