Criss Cross your Style: Tips on how to wear Checks with Stripes

Adding an array of colours to your closet can be fun, but there’s only so much to do with your favourite solid hues. However, adding some plaids and stripes can add class to your outfit, effortlessly. Even better, clash your plaids with your stripes and have that look of organized chaos working for you. While pattern-mixing is always a big NO in the world of fashion, we’re here to tell you, how you can bend the rules, or rather straighten them to stand out! Here’s how:

Pick a colour, not a pattern:

A colour picked is your outfit half-chosen. If you’re unsure of how you’d like to assemble your patterns, pick a colour first. You can never go wrong with black and white. While the colours give it a neutral balance, your plaids and stripes will make you stand out.

Mix it don’t match it:

If you can’t pick a colour, it’s time to mix it up. Pair a bright or pastel shirt with darker or duller bottoms. The contrast will help you achieve the lowkey diva look easily!

Break the dots, don’t join them: 

Even with all the mixing it up, your outfit may end up looking too busy or like a collection of abstract scribbles. In that case, break your patterns by adding a solid top to your ensemble.

Size it up:

The easiest way to match your patterns is by contrasting your proportions. If your checks are bold, make your stripes subtle.

(Contributed by Sakshi Prabhu)



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