DIY tips and tricks to take care of your lashes!

Lashes are a delicate feature of your eyes that requires timely care and nourishment to stay healthy, long and beautiful.

Here are 3 DIY tricks you can use to care for them.

1.Oil massage

The advantages of using any kind of oil be it almond, coconut or any other is that it helps provide the required nutrients to your lashes and keeps them smooth and makes them stronger from the roots to prevent them from falling out. All you’ll need to do is slightly heat some oil and apply it to your lashes via a Q-tip or a cotton pad and gently massage your lashes to help the oil sink in. Repeat this hack daily and instantly see a difference.

2. Shea butter

Another effective home remedy you can try is using shea butter on your lashes. Shea butter consist of vitamins A and E that provides strength to lashes by nourishing the hair follicles which promotes growth. All you’ll need to do is massage some shea butter onto your lashes daily before going to bed using your fingertips to see an instant difference.

3. Green tea

Green tea not only removes puffiness from under your eyes ,but also can be effective in helping nourish your lashes. It consist of antioxidants that restore eyelash growth. All you’ll need to do is dip green tea bags in water and wait for them to cool down, after which apply those bags onto your eyes for about 10 mins and rinse your face using some warm water. Repeat this hack twice in a week for a more effective result.


Contributed by Dhara Shah


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