DON’T MISS: These Arabic shows on Prime Video are a must-watch!

Exciting Lineup of Arabic Shows Coming Soon to Prime Video

Prime Video is bringing an array of new and exclusive Arabic shows covering a range of genres from thrilling dramas and action-packed adventures to heartwarming tales and comedy delights.

Dahab Ghali / My Fair Gentleman
Based on ‘My Fair Lady’, Dahab Ghali is a modern, romantic comedy with an interesting twist in roles! Starring popular musician Faia Younan as the female lead, this 15-episode Syrian series beautifully depicts a story of a wealthy woman who transforms a budding talent into a society star, only to fall in love with her creation. The collision of their two worlds results in many dramatic, comedic, and romantic twists.

Self- Modulation / Tarteeb Khass
A Lebanese masterpiece featuring Maxim Khalil, this gripping TV series revolves around Ahmad, a struggling 41-year-old Syrian immigrant whose life has come to a crawl. However, things change for Ahmad after witnessing a man take his own life, leading him to stumble his way to a job at a suicide hotline center, where he gets a taste of his own dream- a dream of becoming a well known and loved personality. His path from despair to unexpected fame is both moving and inspiring.

Al Nissyan / Forgetfulness
Set against the backdrop of a war-torn Lebanon and Syria, this poignant Pan-Arab TV series stars follows the harrowing journey of a grieving Syrian couple, played by Cyrine AbdelNour and Qays Sheikh Najib. Together, they embark on a decade-long quest to reunite with their missing children, battling against the ravages of time, despair, and fading memories. Forgetfulness is created by acclaimed writer Shadi Kiwan.

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