Evelyn Sharma’s inspiring revelation

Evelyn Sharma, who’s in Australia with beau Tushaan Bhindi, seems to have embraced the country life there with total gusto. The Saaho and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani actress has always been a firm believer in the power of recycling and is known to do her bit towards the protection of the environment. And now during lockdown, the actress has taken her love for nature several notches higher as she turned towards gardening also as a means beyond sustainability.

The Indo-German actress has not only taken to growing her own food, but even encourages others to follow the same. Talking on the recent World Environment Day (June 5) Evelyn revealed how she wants to inspire people to move towards self-sufficiency by growing their own food. She has in fact been leading the way, by doing so herself.

Evelyn shares that her love for nature goes back a long way. She says, “Gardening is something that I absolutely love and that’s how it started! I’ve always loved nature and been aware of the changes we have to make in our every day living to protect the environment. But growing our own food has really taken my thinking beyond sustainability.”

The actress adds that space should not be considered a constraint. “I think it doesn’t matter how big your space is, whether it is a small balcony or a big garden. You can create your own food forest and manage the space you have to move closer to becoming self-sufficient. The pandemic has set a lot of us into a mode of panic about a possible food shortage. And why eat a tomato grown in less nutritious soil, when you can grow your own tomatoes on your balcony and fertilize it with your own kitchen scraps? This is the best time to sit back and really think about what our lives have become.”

Evelyn shares how our great-grandparents didn’t have the ‘type of things we call luxuries, but they had nutritious food from their own neighbourhood markets’. “Let’s fuel our own economy! Let’s protect mother nature! Let’s grow our own food. If not for our own sake, then for the sake of the environment,” she insists.

But this is not all, the social entrepreneur has also been speaking at various events around the world about her views on changing the world with compassion and education, like the President’s Prayer Breakfast, in Washington DC. The actress is even associated with the fashion-based charity foundation Seams For Dreams. Looks like Evelyn clearly is someone who believes in taking action. Little wonder then that a leading UK-based company has even named her among the top five leading influencers in sustainable fashion alongside Hollywood star Emma Watson and international model Giselle Bundchen.


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