EXCLUSIVE: “I am not just a musician, but a music entertainer,” says K-Pop Sensation Aoora!

K-Pop star and global sensation Aoora in an exclusive interview with Aakanksha Naval-Shetye talks about his inspiring journey and the massive success of his first Indo-Korean song ‘Jimmy Jimmy’

Renowned South Korean music artiste Park Min-Jun best known as the K-Pop global star Aoora, has been reigning hearts with his musical renditions and singing prowess. And now with his latest hit ‘Jimmy Jimmy’, becoming all the rage, he also happens to be the first ever K-Pop singer to create an Indo-Korean song. His vibrant energy and child-like enthusiasm are infectious as we catch up over a zoom call for an exclusive interview. Early on, he shyly confesses that he’s not very fluent in English and this is in fact his first ever interview he’s attempting without a translator. However, language hardly proved to be a hurdle as we kickstart our candid chat. From humming his hit numbers to giving us a sneak peek of his upcoming new Indo-Korean song, ‘Yeh Shaam Mastani’, he shares his journey, talks about his love for India, his concerts and reveals his upcoming projects     

How did your musical journey start and how’s it going?
My musical journey started when I was 16 and training for Idol. And it’s been a lot of fun and an amazing experience for me since. I have enjoyed all phases of this journey – from being part of a boy band to my solo career – everything has been an experience that has made me grow.

Did you expect to become such a massive hit?
Thank you for saying that. I feel I am still learning and growing and I have like they say – miles to go before I sleep!

K-Pop has come a long way, so how do you look at the evolution and the global craze?
K-Pop, I feel has grown into this phenomenon and global craze in the last few years primarily due to a very disciplined approach by agencies and labels to make it what it is today. Lot of efforts are put into training of singers, production and visuals are always the focus. The entire visual and good music combination approach has endeared K-Pop singers to the fans globally.

“Music, dance and humour with my inner energy is what I feel I bring together and that is my strength.”

What would you say is your USP – what sets you apart from your contemporaries?
Firstly, I feel everyone is unique and everyone have their own set of strengths. I believe I am not just a musician, but a music entertainer. Music, dance and humour with my inner energy is what I feel I bring together and that is my strength.

You’ve sung a variety of songs, but what are your favourites – romantic ballads, hip-hop…?
I like all kinds of music and enjoy it depending on my mood. These days energetic Bollywood and Tamil songs are my favourites.

Your Indo-Korean song ‘Jimmy Jimmy’ has become quite a global rage… tell us more about it!
Jimmy Jimmy’ is very dear to me as it is my first release in India and the start of my dream to create Indo-Korean collaboration music. From the time I started enjoying Indian music I was attracted to creating a song where I could mix best of K-Pop and Indian music. I am very thankful to Saregama (Indian music label) for believing in my dream and giving me the opportunity to recreate this song.

“I love the warmth of Indians. I also love how colorful India is and there is this very good high energy vibe that I feel and find very inspiring as an artiste.”

So what more can we expect on that front. Any new singles with the label?
Yes definitely, I have signed for 10 songs and you all can look forward to some amazing recreations in the coming months.

Tell us about your experience in India with your concerts?
My experience has been very heart-warming and amazing. The love and energy that I have been receiving in India has been making me feel very blessed.

What do you most love about India?
I love the warmth of Indians. I also love how colorful India is and there is this very good high energy vibe that I feel and find very inspiring as an artiste.

What’s your advice to aspiring singers?
Dreams come true so love yourself, believe in yourself and chase your dreams.

You are also quite a fashion icon, how would you describe your style?
I think the music video of my last song ‘Auva auva’ is a reflection of my style. We shot the video in fashion MV style and I was very happy to create the looks for this. I would say my style is what makes me comfortable and what makes my heart happy.

All that love and female adulation, is it overwhelming, how do you handle that?
I am always thankful for all the love and I don’t feel overwhelmed. Only grateful (laughs)!

Do you have a rule book? The dos and don’ts in it?
I don’t really have any rule book. I believe in simplicity and I believe in today. When I get up in the morning I get up with a thought of doing my best and find happiness in everything I do. That is the only rule I follow.

What are your upcoming songs, projects?
My next song is a very soothing and melodious song ‘Yeh shaam Mastani’. We have recreated a seaside version in Korean which I hope everyone will enjoy. We have more interesting songs coming up in October and December as well.

How would you describe success?
Success for me is when me and my people around me are happy and enjoying.

What has been your strength through your journey?
The three Fs – Family, Friends, Fans!

Quick 6 with Aoora!

  • Who have been your musical inspirations? Whose posters did you have as a child?
    As a child – Michael Jackson. Otherwise my inspirations change!
  • The key to winning your heart would be…
    Your smile
  • Any star you would love to collaborate with or playback for
    Thalapathy Vijay and of course Shah Rukh Khan, I love his song ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya
  • What are the top 3 songs on your playlist?
    ‘Jimmy Jimmy’, ‘Auva Auva’, ‘Yeh Sham Mastani’
  • A dream venue for a concert?
  • One actress you would love to feature with in your video?
    Shraddha Kapoor


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