Felt real and relatable: Saba Azad gets candid about her show Who’s Your Gynac?

Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service is making headlines for its latest medical drama – Who’s Your Gynac? The show is an interesting take on women’s sexual health that follows the journey of Dr Vidhushi Kothari, an OB without a baby who believes in being friends with her patients. The series features Karishma Singh, Kunal Thakur, and Aaron Koul, along with the talented Saba Azad, in pivotal roles. Saba is being lauded for her exceptional performance in the series and shares takeaways from the show.

On being asked what made her agree to the show, Saba said, “It read pretty funny on the page, which is rare, usually you have to whip the comedy out of situations and timing on set. This was already in place and felt relatable and light enough to say a loaded thing we otherwise shy away from speaking of and have it be effectively absorbed without much ado.”



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