Filmfare ME Social Night: Zubair Sarookh caught Dawood Savage red-handed doing THIS!

Looks like our guests still can’t get over the blockbuster event that the Filmfare Middle East Social Night was! And it’s amazing to see them continue sharing their excitement and love on their social platforms. But what had us in splits was Zubair Sarookh fun little expose on Dawood Savage that he did on his recent vlog!

While Zubair was “so kind” to stick to the event’s theme, he made sure that he also showed off with his brown fur coat. Was it that cold Zubair?!


Well, good for Zubair, since he actually got a chance to display it on stage when he went up to collect his award. While he couldn’t stop thanking us and praising the event post that, we actually want to thank him too! Why? Well, because he helped us solve the mystery of the missing goody bags at the event! Don’t believe us? Watch the video! While watching Zubair Sarookh’s vlog we were shocked seeing Dawood Savage helped himself to not two or three, but SEVEN goody bags. OMGGGG DAWOOD! Can you share some with us, please? 🤓🤓🤓😜😜

And Jumana Khan, you were looking so beautiful that day! But wonder why would you insist on the boys reaching the event an hour late, Ahem! 😁😁😁😁





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