Food Review: Satiate your desi street-food cravings at GupShup

Tangy chaat platter to mouth-watering pani-puris and flavoursome paan ice-cream rolls and paan shots, this restaurant’s drool-worthy menu is every chaat-lover’s dream come true

If you are a true-blue desi street-food lover in Dubai then chances are that you have already eaten or heard of GupShup at Ibn Batuta Mall. We tried their famous savouries and snacks and it was easy to see why the quaint restaurant is such a hit with chaat-fans.

An open space restaurant, the food-stall like ambience lends to that authentic street food snacking delight. Tucked into a comfortable corner of the mall, it’s easily accessible from the two entrances to the China Pavilion of the mall. To be honest, the variety available will make it a tough choice to zero down on a few dishes. From chaats to bhels to pav bhaji to the sandwiches and pizzas, the choley kulcha and the all-time favourite samosa chaats and the vada pav…  So, we decided to have a little bit of a lot and dug into satiating our craving for chatpata food right away with their chaat platter. The lavish spread of this delectable platter gives you almost all the flavours that will flirt with your taste-buds.

The cone-waali chaat was also an interesting concept and gets our thumbs up. Also what better to whet that appetite than the pani-puris. Well, this is one dish that you just can’t have one plate of, so be prepared to order more.

If you aren’t looking for the desi flavours, then you can try their sandwiches and other delectable dishes too. There’s something for everyone here. To wash down the yummy dishes, there’s also a huge choice of thirst quenchers. Blue Lagoon, Cranberry Cooler, Mint Lemon, and Shirley temple are the usual favourites.

We strongly recommend that you leave enough space for their desserts too. Especially the Paan – Patakha, their paan ice-cream roll! An absolute must-have for paan-lovers. Also try their paan-shots for a refreshing taste. The rich Shahi Falooda is also a must-have! Their amazing array of fresh ice-creams include the mazedar mango, which is also one that we’d recommend.

The quick service and an over-zealous staff are an added that make sure that your table is never without food or drinks and their recommendations are definitely worth a try. What we also quite enjoyed was the presentation of the food. Reasonably priced, and good on quantity, overall, this one’s totally worth your money.

Our verdict: It’s a fun joint that you can visit with family, friends or even alone. Head here to refresh your palette in between your shopping spree or have a fun outing for lunch, dinner or just plain snacking in between.




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