Getting ready is getting easier with Beautifect!

Founded in 2020, Beautifect’s innovative beauty solutions are redefining a new era in beauty. With an empowering mission to save you time and effort whilst achieving better results, Beautifect designed and created a growing brand of best-in-kind luxury beauty tools, devices, and practical storage solutions.

Beautifect launched its iconic Beautifect Box a game-changing beauty device that quickly gained media attention, selling out 3 times and gaining a cult celebrity following. Featuring an industry-defining unique luminous lighting system, distortion-free glass mirror and smart storage system, amongst other practical features, the chic, lightweight Beautifect Box is the most efficient and elegant way of applying, carrying, and storing makeup and skincare.


Launched in the UAE in partnership with renowned luxury retailer Ounass; the game-changing portable dressing table has already taken the UK by storm and is now exploding onto the international beauty and wellness scene. A top seller in Harrods and loved by thousands, the Beautifect Box is the luxury beauty must-have on everyone’s wish list.


The patent-pending Beautifect Box was created by Dr. Tara Lalvani, a Dental surgeon turned entrepreneur and beauty lover who designed the innovative beauty device out of the need for something better. Unique to Beautifect and two years in the making is the powerful LED lighting technology, giving state-of-the-art lighting for makeup at the touch of a button. This not only expertly emulates perfect daylight but also offers a total of five lighting environments that cannot be beaten: Evening light, Office Light, Photo Light, Daylight, and Bright Sun. It also comes with three brightness settings, for the ultimate tailored experience, and a CRI of 90+, showing true-to-life colors and shades so you can truly see how your makeup will look to others ensuring a flawless finish every time, no matter what your destination.


It is the true definition and distortion-free glass mirror angles and holds to any position that suits you best via the specially engineered hinge, in addition to a magnetically attachable 5x magnification mirror for ultimate close-ups and finer details. Fully rechargeable with a convenient USB-C cable, the lightweight case, which comes in White, Nude, and Gold, has been created to make any daily routine effortless and enjoyable whilst delivering professional results.


Beautifect has revolutionized the way we do our makeup. You can now get ready in less time with less effort and look twice as good, anywhere and anytime! Sitting on the sofa, in the back of a car or transitioning from day to night, Beautifect is always available on demand. An inspiring and intuitive invention created to make anyone’s day smoother. What could be more perfect than that?


Since launching the innovative Beautifect Box, Beautifect the brand has expanded its offering with expertly crafted, redefined and innovative beauty tools and storage solutions that simplify and elevate beauty routines globally. With the newest launch, The Beautifect Precision Tweezer, Beautifect has created a redefined beauty staple designed to perform like no other.

The stand-out precision slanted tweezers effortlessly remove even the finest of hairs with minimal discomfort directly from the root, every time. The smooth filed tips are designed to give the perfect grip without pinching the skin. A perfect slanted degree with pinpoint precision steel ends combined with an exacting amount of tension on the finger-sized grip results in the perfect removal and shaping of unwanted hairs. Ergonomically created with the highest-grade stainless steel for exactness and durability. The game-changing Beautifect Precision Tweezer comes with a vegan leather pouch to protect and store the product between uses.


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