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A new generation skincare solution that works from within to promote beautiful and younger looking skin

What is Gold Collagen?

From the research laboratories of MINERVA Research Labs based in London and the wisdom of Japan comes GOLD COLLAGEN®, a new generation skincare solution that works from within to promote beautiful and younger looking skin.

Pioneering the collagen-based liquid beauty supplement category, this scientifically developed, clinically tested and carefully formulated range reinvents skincare and nutraceuticals to fit with modern lifestyles.

Created in 2009, MINERVA Research Labs has become a recognised health and beauty company by launching reference brands that fundamentally challenge the way consumers look at nutritional supplements and beauty regimes. Understanding the growing interest for healthy nutrition, Tony Sanguinetti was convinced that “you are what you eat and drink” is more than a simple statement and could be the underlying vision of a new holistic approach to health and beauty.

By leveraging Japanese as well as European expertise, the goal was to create a liquid beauty supplement that contains collagen, anti-oxidants and other active ingredients to nourish and care for the skin.

Gold Collagen® has been launched in the Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabic, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon) recently and is available in three different formulas: Pure Gold Collagen® for early signs of ageing, Gold Collagen® Forte for advanced signs of ageing and Active Gold Collagen® for men and women with active and busy lifestyles. For best results, drink 1 bottle (50ml) of Gold Collagen® daily for 3 months on an empty stomach for best absorption. Gold Collagen® prices start at AED 300 and are available in Boots pharmacies, Life Pharmacy and online on gold-collagen.com/ae with fast and free delivery across the UAE.


Why do I need to consume Gold Collagen?

Over the years the cells that top up our collagen levels, fibroblasts, lose their ability to repair the damage and our skin literally begins to sag. As we move into our 20s and beyond, we lose about 1.5% of our collagen every year. This is partly due to the natural, unavoidable ageing process, and external factors. Pollution, dehydration, smoking and perhaps most of all, the effects of the sun, challenge our skin 24 hours a day. Just 20 minutes exposure to strong sunlight, with no protection, will cause significant damage to our collagen; breaking it down into disorganised fragments that can no longer support the smooth skin surface. As a result deeper crevasses develop and fine lines slowly morph into deep grooves and our wrinkles take shape.

Nothing will stop us ageing, but we can slow down collagen degradation by both avoiding, and protecting ourselves, from those toxic external factors such as the sun and air pollution. We can also treat existing wrinkling and prevent future wrinkles developing by nourishing the dermis and its precious fibroblasts. Good hydration is as important as a balanced diet containing lots of anti-oxidants, which break down the toxins produced by those external damaging agents. Helping to maintain high collagen levels in the skin is also now understood to be vital. Oral hydrolysed collagen, particularly in liquid form, is an important new way to pamper fibroblasts and keep them pumping out the collagen.

What does Gold Collagen® do?

It has been clinically proved that Gold Collagen® patented complex stimulates the natural production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin in the body.

This revolutionary collagen supplement is based on a unique blend of active ingredients such as hydrolysed collagen and hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals, chosen for their anti-ageing benefits, specifically developed to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails by boosting the natural collagen production and increasing skin hydration as well as elasticity.

Gold Collagen® liquid supplements are designed to fight the signs of ageing and to reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, up to 20 times more effective than collagen tablets and pills, readily absorbed by the body and have a pleasant taste.

Hydrolysed collagen, one of the key active ingredients, remains intact during the digestive process and is easily absorbed into the bloodstream. Once it reaches fibroblast and chondrocyte cells, it stimulates them to produce new collagen, elastin and moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid, essential elements for the health of skin and joints. Gold Collagen® products are formulated with the highest quality hydrolysed marine collagen, made up of small peptides containing short chains of amino acids, which makes it easier to absorb. Hydrolysed collagen helps the body to form new collagen structures.  It provides the amino acid building blocks and also stimulates the natural production of new collagen, elastin and moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid molecules.

Gold Collagen® liquid supplements contain a powerful bland of active ingredients that allow you to take care of your skin, hair and nail from within with just a sip, it contains 5grams of hydrolysed collagen which is the equivalent of 6 tablets, in addition to the other ingredients which is about 4 to 5 extra tablets.


Key attributes of GOLD COLLAGEN®

Clinically tested

From Minerva Research Labs, the pioneer liquid beauty supplement company

Contains 5000mg of highest quality bioactive marine collagen (maximum your body can absorb daily)

Increases natural collagen production in the dermis

Contains 100% Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) of Vitamin C

Great tasting daily shot

Sugar free

No preservatives

Gluten Free


All packaging is recyclable and designed to prolong the longevity of the active ingredients

Halal certified

MINERVA Research Labs Ltd has been recognised as a major contributor to the UK export market in the third prestigious Sunday Times Lloyds SME Export Track 100 by being placed at No. 26 in the ranking 2017.

GOLD COLLAGEN® FORTE Fights the advanced signs of ageing.

It supplies the body with all the ingredients it needs to fight back against free radicals and naturally boost its own collagen production as well as providing antioxidant support.

It contains Q10, acai berry, pomegranate, lycopene and resveratrol, L-carnosine, hydrolysed collagen (5000mg), Vitamin D, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Vitamin C.


Helps protect against oxidative stress

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Promotes skin suppleness and firmness

Improves skin hydration and radiance

Promotes healthy hair and nails

What does GOLD COLLAGEN® FORTE contain?

Bioactive Collagen Peptides: collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body; it helps the skin to preserve its firmness and elasticity

Vitamin A contributes to the maintenance of normal skin, vision and contributes to normal iron metabolism

Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin and cartilage

Hyaluronic Acid contributes to healthy skin hydration

Copper contributes to normal skin and hair pigmentation and to the maintenance of normal connective tissues

Bioperine® (black pepper extract) increases the bioavailability of the other active ingredients

Vitamin E contributes to the protection of cell constituents from oxidative damage

Zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal skin, hair and nails

Vitamin B6 contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue

Biotin contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and hair

Vitamin D contributes to normal absorption of calcium and phosphorus, maintenance of normal bones, normal muscle function, teeth and immune system

Borage Oil contains an essential fatty acid, which helps with inflammation linked to ageing

N-Acetyl-Glucosamine contributes to the health of joints

Lycopene, Coenzyme Q10, Acai Berry, Evening Primrose Oil, Pomegranate, L-Carnosine & Resveratrol take action against free radicals to reduce and prevent oxidative stress


330 AED. Gold Collagen® Forte is available in Boots, Super Care and Life Pharmacy and on souq.com and gold-collagen.com and amazon.com.

For best results, drink 1 bottle (50 ml) of Gold Collagen® daily for 3 months on an empty stomach for best absorption.


Our sought- after range is sugar free, preservative free and have an amazing smooth texture. You can drink it as a shot or mix in your daily cocktail!

Drinking it every day will promote beautiful skin, healthy hair, strong nails and help fight visible signs of ageing from within. What more can we want?

We are proud to say that GOLD COLLAGEN® supplements contain the highest quality hydrolysed collagen and a unique blend of vitamins and minerals to boost your collagen supply, leaving you with glowing, smooth and supple skin.


89 per cent of women in Europe would recommend GOLD COLLAGEN®.

The scientifically proven liquid beauty supplements are available in 32 countries worldwide. Not only are we UK’s leading liquid supplement brand, but we have also won Middle East Men’s Health and Women’s Health award in 2018!


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