Hallyu Wave: 5 Korean films you can not miss out on!

After Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite won Oscars, the Korean wave paced up and it is here to stay. A lot of us started exploring the world of K-Dramas and Korean movies which now have us appreciating our efforts to overcome one inch hurdle of language. Korean cinema is is also as divergent and vast, here are 5 movies that you can not miss out on

Memories of Murder (2003)

Directed and co-written by Bong Joon Ho, this crime thriller is considered to be one of the best Korean Films. Based in 1986 on the the first incident of serial murders in the country and two detectives who try to solve the mystery. The film is full of exciting twists and turns.

My Wife is a Gangster (2001)

The film revolves around a woman who was separated from her elder sister at a very young age. She starts living the life of a gangster when she grows up and manages to be a wife at the same time. The film is as interesting as it’s name and you are sure to be surprised because of the wonderful direction.

A Taxi Driver (2017)

A Taxi Driver in Seoul named Kim Man-Seob is left to return a lot of money that he spent on his wife’s medical treatment and with a daughter to raise his taxi is all that he has to rely back on. The film takes an interesting turn when Kim ends up at a flashpoint in Korea where government massacred thousands.

The Classic (2003)

One of the most heartwarming films about the romantic tales of a mother and daughter that play on parallel sides as flashbacks. In spite of the fact that the mother couldn’t marry her lover and gets hitched to his friend instead, and then her daughter meets the love for her life who turns out to be the son of her mom’s beau.

More Than Blue (2009)

With the first title deciphered as A Story Sadder Than Sadness’, More Than Blue is one of the work of art, slow-consume Korean tragic love story. Directed and composed by poet Won Tae-yon the unexpected turns in the story, alongside the actors’ reminiscent portrayal, leaves audience in tears.

(Contributed by Pranjal Sharma)


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