Hasleen Kaur trains with ace Hollywood Stunt Masters for international action film!

The film is directed by Bruce Fontaine, best known for his collaborations with Jackie Chan and Hasleen Kaur is training with Stunt Master Brian Ho of Marvel Movie fame 

In preparation for her upcoming international action film, ‘Ruthless Bastards,’ Hasleen Kaur has undergone weeks of meticulous and rigorous training under the guidance of renowned director and stunt coordinator Bruce Fontaine. Directed by Bruce Fontaine, who boasts a rich history as both a director and stunt coordinator, having collaborated with Jackie Chan over the years, the film is set to be a visual spectacle. With an impressive 25-year stint in China shaping his projects, Fontaine brings a unique flair to the production.

Adding to the film’s allure is Kaur’s training with the esteemed International Stunt Master Brian Ho, known for his contributions to Marvel Movies and his design of ‘Ruthless Bastards’ action sequences. The movie promises to be an enthralling action entertainer, showcasing Kaur in a captivating avatar.

Set for a summer release this year, ‘Ruthless Bastards’ is poised to deliver an adrenaline-pumping cinematic experience, blending international talent and Marvel-caliber action.



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