In conversation with Roshni Kapoor on the success of her new hit song Mashooq Mere

Actress and one of the top brand endorsers Roshni Kapoor is no stranger to success, yet, when her song’s music video hits over 2 million views in just two days, it’s a definite cause to celebrate. She stars in the video alongside Mrunal Jain, who pays an ordinary bartender. Roshni’s character is of an actress who has visited Mrunal’s restaurant to discuss a script with filmmakers. As soon as Mrunal glances at Roshni, he is taken by her beauty and fantasies about dating her, being a lead actor and shooting with her. Needless to say, the song goes viral… It’s only towards the end of the video that his colleague nudges him back to reality and it is revealed that he was dreaming!


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Laughing at the scenario, Roshni says, “Because of the plot, we could include the actual crew in the video, and that’s so nice. Our director Rahul Singh Rana Krishna knew exactly which shots he needed, and we wrapped up the shoot pretty quickly, in just a day.” We ask her about her plans to celebrate the success of amassing 2 million views in just 2 days. “I was surprised,” she exclaims. “I returned from a meditative trip to Goa to find out that the song is trending on over 350 music portals. So of course, we are excited and there will be a party in Mumbai soon. But I am overwhelmed and celebrating already… When fans post reels with my songs, that itself is a huge celebration for me. And I will be visiting a gurudwara to thank God for this success and offer my prayers.”

Kapoor says that the song struck a chord with her instantly, thanks to Altamash Faridi’s voice. About shootingย  for the track, and she says that it was a great experience, thanks to the talented crew, and her co-star Jain. About her future plans, Kapoor says that she is collaborating with the same director-producer team (producer is D.S. Lohchab) for an exciting role in large film that’s touching a budget of 20 crores. The film is titled Nadada. Besides this, she is considering a few Punjabi and Hindi songs that have come to her.

Mashook Mere is sung beautifully by Altamash Faridi, directed by Rahul Singh Rana Krishna, under Balaji Films Productions Pvt. Ltd by D.S Lohchab. You can check out the song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLyDGJhWTsoย 


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