Top on-going K-Dramas to get with, before spoilers hit the internet

We just cant get enough of the Hallyu wave!

We’re assuming you finished all episodes of The Fabulous and are tuned into Crash Course in Romance already. To get in on the scene with other dramas, read ahead…

Our Blooming Youth

Everyone’s favourite Park Hyung Sik is finally back after Strong Woman Do Boong Soon, this time, in a period drama. The story is classic, our main leads start off a give-and-take relationship where they both come to each other’s rescue. A few plot twists later, they fall in love.

The Heavenly Idol


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In this hilarious fantasy drama, Kim Min Gyu is trapped in the body of a present day K-Pop idol. As he struggles to return to his supernatural realm and free the real idol, we find that unless he succeeds, both worlds stand to harm from the Evil one.

The Glory


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Song Hye Ko is back in this fierce drama where she exacts revenge from her high school bullies. She grows up to be a school teacher, and the fact that she gains access to their children now leaves us with chills. Watch for Song Hye Ko’s serious acting, which is pretty different from Descents of the Sun.

Love to Hate You


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In a classic base plot, a man and woman who hate the opposite sex, are forced to work together. While what happens next is predictable, we’re including this one in the list for the acting chops displayed by the main leads.


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