Katrina Kaif talks about what she took away from her role in Zero

Aanand L Rai’s soon-to-be-released directorial, Zero will have Katrina Kaif playing the role of an alcoholic movie star. Shah Rukh Khan released the first look of Katrina’s character during her birthday this year. This gave goosebumps to everyone. During a media interaction yesterday, Katrina was asked about her takeaway from Zero which she gave a heartfelt reply proving to be a kickass woman.

Katrina Kaif started off by saying, “Sometimes, I think it can be beneficial in the process of leaving things behind you. Even if it’s not beneficial and even if you think, I am not gonna feel this way in two years, so let it be. Me as a person, I can literally not say something I wanna say for five years. I can be next to a person and not say something. If it’s a touchy situation if it makes me vulnerable if it exposes me and in some way, if I have to expose my feelings to you, so, I have to say, ‘You really hurt me and I don’t know if I will forgive you’. If it’s a personal matter or the matter of emotions, something which puts me in a possible and vulnerable position, I won’t do it.”

It has been two years, since Katrina broke up with her longtime beau and actor Ranbir Kapoor. The actress spoke about how she tries to avoid confrontation in possible situations. She stated, “That’s my nature as a person and there are some plus points to that which is that I avoid confrontation. I can be around everyone no matter what my equation with you is, coz I won’t confront it. Rest assured that if you are a person who shares a history with me, it should be fine with me as I won’t say anything. Even if in the event that person with whom you have unresolved issues with, start the conversation. You have not started it, they started the conversation, I noticed it. You waited two years for this conversation to happen, but I won’t open my mouth, I think it’s fascinating.”

Katrina Kaif recalls how she was faced with this kind of situation twice in her life. She added, “I have noticed this twice in my life, you waited for years, this is that moment, which is not started by you. So the responsibility is off your shoulders and the person who starts talking, it will be theirs. I don’t want to expose what I feel because that makes you vulnerable. Be open for acceptance or rejection or whatever. If I could change that, will change it. Sometimes in life, you should just say things what you feel, able to speak your heart and then move on.”

Relating it to her character Babita Kumar, Katrina went on to say, “That is what I really liked about Babita Kumari because she says that. If Babita comes up to your face, she will provoke and taunt you, maybe that’s rude or obnoxious, fine. But it’s good, she is getting it out there, there’s nothing left inside, that’s important. Holding things inside like anger or resentment, that’s the worst possible thing.”




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