Muhammad Junaid’s making a unique impression!  

Influencer – artiste Muhammad Junaid aka Ganook King talks about his love for creating unique content and also shares tips for aspiring influencers

How did you come to be such a popular influencer, how was the journey to here like?
I’ve was always been interested in creative content since a young age which has now grown into a passion to create unique and attractive videos. I started by sharing my lifestyle on my personal social media channels, that started getting very high engagement. This made me commit to my audience regularly. My efforts and passion with my content was appreciated and people started loving me. I anyway enjoy every single day creating new content and the love that I got for my content encouraged me to keep doing more and better. The social media changed my life!

What keeps you inspired for content?
Every video that I put out has a different story to tell that hopefully motivates people to learn something in life. The positive feedback that I get for my creative videos and the inspiring messages I receive keep me motivated too to deliver new content.

As an influencer, what’s been your biggest strength?
My biggest strength… always has been my audience.

How do you handle the trolls?
The first thing that always comes to my mind is to ignore them. Trolls are trolls, but somehow we need to stand up by our own show, content and express who we are and I’m always positive with all the up and downs. At the same time, I’m open to constructive criticism and suggestions. Also if I mistakenly hurt someone then I apologize and admit my mistake.

Any tips for aspiring influencers?
Be your own, be unique. Make the efforts and create your own content. Also always be inspired and motivated to create a content strategy that provides value to the conversation. Use good and believable captions. Connect with co-bloggers and influencers. Use hashtags and most importantly keep your content of good quality. That will make you last in the long run as a credible respected name.

What are the most common myths people have about influencers?
The fact is that we are more effective when it comes to influencing people and trustable as we work on our own. The common myth is that most of them think that we work in exchange for the products. But as I mentioned we are more effective in social media marketing industry. So most brands approach influencers but we pick and choose the reliable ones.

Can you share some highs?
For me the highs have been gaining followers or good engagements, but more than that its creating attractive content.


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