MUST-HAVES: Check out the Essential Elements of Pavit Gujral’s Award-Winning Designs that make them so unique

A graduate of Gemological Institute of America, Pavit Gujral is well-known in the high-jewellery industry for her eccentric and bold designs. However, what very few people know is, when any new design takes shape in Pavit’s studio, it absolutely must embody the brand’s Five Essential Elements.

These five elements have been a part of Pavit’s design and vision since the beginning of her journey, and are actually derived from the CEO and Head Designer’s own life adventures. Pavit, along with being a multi-award winning designer, loves travel and is a certified Scuba diver. She takes inspiration from her travels and her time in nature to create breath-taking imitations of natural beauty in precious gems, diamonds and ancestral gemstones.

“Each piece tells a story and is handcrafted with precision and utmost attention to detail, creating unique, trendsetting
pieces of high jewellery!”
– Pavit Gujral

While her jewellery pieces are nothing short of true art, it takes a keen eye to decode the stories behind the piece and to notice the essential elements on display in their jewellery form.

Let’s take a look at some of the masterful pieces that are a true testimony to these five essential elements.


  1. Mixology of Colour spectrum:

Setting stones in a jewellery piece is one skill, and playing with light and shades of stones to recreate a muse’s natural blend with light is a whole new level of expertise. This expertise is displayed in one of Pavit’s most talked about designs – The Crab Earrings – the muse behind which is undoubtedly, the humble Crab. If that hasn’t piqued your interest, the devil is in the details.

The team at Pavit Gujral Designs painstakingly recreated the shades and shadows of the crab’s shell by expertly setting over 800 pieces of Orange Sapphires, Pink Sapphires, Yellow Sapphires and Rubies to create a stunning ombre effect. What takes the cake is the Crab’s tiny arms displaying movement and balancing beautiful Tanzanite hearts with their jewel-studded claws!


2. Love for Exotic Gemstones:

Along with the attention to detail that her team is well-known for, the gemstones in her jewellery pieces also add to the exquisite nature of her designs. The Tsavorite garnet for example, is one such exotic gemstone that has a special place in Pavit’s designs. The Tsavorite garnet is actually one of the rarest garnets in the world, and is a beauty to behold.


The Tsavorite finds its place of pride in the Daisy collection which is handcrafted and pavé set, with 2,690 pieces of Tsavorite Garnets, Yellow Sapphires and Diamonds. A close look at this marvellous piece reveals the lush green leaf that is a part of this delicate necklace is where the elegant Tsavorite finds its home.


3. Inspired by Nature’s Bounty and Beauty:

A significant number of pieces in the brand’s collection are reflections of the sights and scenes that are ever-present in nature. One of the pieces that capture the true essence of nature is the Squirrel ring. Like its name suggests, the ring is inspired by the high-spirited Squirrel, an animal that is notoriously known for its love for berries, nuts and fruits! Being one of Pavit’s most favourite spirit animals, the ring displays the exact same joyousness that a squirrel shows when you see it holding its prized possession – a berry, in its little arms right in the moment of relishing it!

The squirrel ring is set in 18K gold, with a beautiful 17.94 Carat cushion pink Tourmaline and is flanked by Tsavorite drops and diamonds. The team at Pavit Gujral Designs have also added texture to the ring by setting the Squirrel in shades of Brown Diamonds, keeping in mind its features.



4. Profound connection with the Animal Kingdom:

Have you ever observed the way animals present themselves? The manner in which they move, interact with other animals and humans, and even the noises they make are unique and noteworthy. These animals are often described as joyous, playful, regal or even envious at times! It is almost as if humans rendered our emotions to the animals to understand them better, forming a cosmic bridge between the animal and the human world.

Pavit expresses this very profound connection through her jewellery. A stellar example of this would be the Langur earrings, set in 18K Gold with two 77.60cts Pear Brilliant Morganite Beryls.

These earrings are inspired by India’s leaping Langurs – a monkey breed which is popularly known to be pesky and playful. They also are known to be the embodiment of the Hindu God Hanuman, and it is said that the lively traits of the Langur are actually Hanuman making himself known to man. This piece of jewellery when worn or admired closely shows this sacred animal displaying its most well-known trait – playful teasing!


5. Beauty in Randomness of Shapes:

No two fingerprints are the same, no two flowers are the exact same, everything that exists around us naturally, has its own individuality. There is beauty in the randomness of everything. And the same applies to gemstones and colours. While a majority of the world looks to remove any blemishes and tries to create a false sense of control, Pavit finds beauty in randomness.

She is unafraid to marry colours, shapes and patterns in her designs to create wearable art. A piece that deserves a special mention is the Green Dalmatian earrings, inspired by the Foxglove flower.

Set in 18K gold with moonstone and Dalmatian Jasper carvings, Malachite and Tulip shaped Diamonds, the natural patterns of the Malachite can be seen clearly as it delicately drops from a beautiful trio of flowers, all in differing shapes and sizes.

If you wish to order one of these breath-taking pieces, or consult with Pavit about creating a high-jewellery piece that is unique to you; you can book an appointment with the studio located at B202 Building 4, Dubai Design District, Dubai, UAE. For more information, please visit and follow the brand on Instagram @pavitgujraldesigns for the latest updates. 













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