Prints that are taking over the season!

The change in fashion along with the seasons is almost tangible. Although, as one season chnages to another, prints are still all over the fashion world making themselves know! Here are few prints of the season to collect for yourself.

Digital skin print
Like animal print, but more diluted, these prints have digitised and pixelated artwork as well as more color options.

Tropical print
Also known as paradise print, the demands for such are picking up after Versace’s catwalk show. Mostly used for swimwear and holiday outfits this print will put you right in the light mood.

Gingham print
This print is very often confused with checks and nothing else could be worse! Gingham is crisscrossed pattern with overlapping colour strips and are always combined with a white thread.

Printly print
This style is inspired by art designs and graphic, bold strokes. From faces to flowers, this includes all the artistic elements.

Tartan print
Not to be mistaken with plaid, this print has come back in fashion after years and almost all the credit goes to Gossip Girl.

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)


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