Priyanka Chopra to play Cultist Ma Anand Sheela in upcoming Biopic


The desi girl, Priyanka Chopra AKA PC, piggy chops (seriously the list just doesn’t end) needs no introduction! After a series of headlines after headlines regarding her dhamakedar wedding and all the festivities that came along with it, the dust (glitter, really) has come to settle, and over the clear horizon we’ve come to see what is next for our favourite international celebrity, and it is a sight to behold.Priyanka Recently made a guest appearance in full fashion at The Ellen Show, where she spoke about Nick, her wedding, her upcoming romantic comedy – Isn’t It Romantic, and much more. But the news that caught our attention the most is the project that is in the works for her next. “I am developing a feature with Barry Levinson. He is an iconic American director. We are developing it as the character of Sheela who is the guru who originated from India. She was his right hand woman and she was devious. She created a whole cult in America and brought people here (America). He was called Osho… It was amazing. I am developing that next for me to star in and produce,” says Priyanka during the show. The biopic shall surround the story of Ma Anand Sheela an Indian born American cult leader, and will be directed by Academy Award winner and nominee – Barry Levinson.Ma Anand Sheela was the former spokeswoman of the Rajneesh movement (Osho movement) and had multiple convictions for attempted murder. Her story was the prime focus of the Netlfix original documentary series that released early 2018 titled Wild Wild Country.




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