Ramadan Reverie: Celebrate the season of giving with Forrey & Galland Chocolatier

The holy month of Ramadan brings with it a sense of reflection, gratitude and togetherness. Luxury French chocolatier, Forrey and Galland, is honoured to be a part of this special time, offering an exclusive gifting collection that captures the essence of the season in every detail.

This exquisite collection boasts an array of handmade chocolates and confections that are sure to entice the palate. From the sweetness of dates and the richness of rahash, the nuttiness of pistachio to the decadence of praline, and let’s not forget the warmth of Arabic coffee. Each flavour is hand-selected to deliver a perfect blend of French chocolate-making techniques and Arabic tastes.

Each artisanal confection is made with the finest ingredients sourced from all around the world. The handmade chocolates, with their velvety smoothness and delectable fillings, are a true delight for chocolate connoisseurs. Made exclusively for the season, the Maamoul cookies, with their delicate crumb and aromatic date filling, offer a taste of tradition in every bite. And who could resist their dates and fig cake, with layers that melt in your mouth?

Central to this special collection is the artistry that adorns each keepsake gift box. Inspired by the rich heritage of Middle Eastern art, discover intricate arabesque and peacock motifs, designed to evoke a sense of elegance and reverence. These designs, steeped in symbolism and tradition, pay homage to the beauty of our local culture and serve as a testament to Forrey and Galland’s commitment to craftsmanship.

In essence, Forrey and Galland’s 2024 Ramadan collection is more than just a selection of confectionery; it’s a celebration of culture and the spirit of the season itself. From the creativity of their packaging to the flavours and confections within, each element is crafted to offer a feast for the senses.

From beautiful chocolate boxes to extravagant hampers and silver trays, the perfect gift awaits this Ramadan season.
Discover more at the Forrey & Galland boutique at Dubai Mall or online at: https://forreyandgalland.com/ramadan-collection/


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