Read what Pooja Bhatt thinks of her co-stars from the movies

Pooja Bhatt’s  web-series Bombay Begums set the screen afire with her stellar performance. An excerpt from her interview two years ago with Filmfare ME where she spoke of her co-stars from the movies!

Manju Ramanan


Rahul Roy

He is a buddy and two days ago he called me to tell me that someone asked me if he had a girl-friend and he mentioned my name.

 Aamir Khan

I learnt from him what to do and what not to do. He is very studied and disciplined. Extremely cerebral.

Shahrukh Khan

He is spontaneous and loves to rehearse but is not caught up. He flows free. His energy is palpable.

 Sanjay Dutt

He was my first crush and the first time I saw him during the making of Naam when he was seeing Tina Munim. They were wearing cowboy boots and hats and they looked like a dream. I still have his autographed poster. He still treats me like a kid and asks me constantly if I am seeing somebody.

 Irrfan Khan

He looked intimidating but is one of the sweetest and gentlest souls I have met and worked with in Rog. We will always miss him.

 Randeep Hooda

I have a karmic connection with him. He is volatile and protective at the same time. He infuriates me at the same time, makes me proud.

 Jackie Shroff

Is a dear friend of my father. I worked with him in Prem Deewane and he literally adopted me and Vivek Mushran.  I remember, once he even came over with his new sports car to take my dad for a spin.

 Akshaya Khanna

I knew him since I have been a kid. I worked with him in Border and we share great onscreen chemistry. He is rather shy but lights up in front of the camera.

 Emraan Hashmi

Is my baby cousin. I loved him in Hamaari Adhuri Kahaani.

 Ajay Devgn

I have worked with him in a film Girvi that never saw the light of day. In Zakhm, he and I didn’t have any scenes together. A non-nonsense actor and someone who doesn’t get impressed easily.

Mithun Chakraborty

He demystified acting for me. A very fine actor who makes it look so easy. He is an actor who gives it his all.

 Rishi Kapoor

Is for me in the same league of very fine actors. He too demystified acting for me to make it look so effortless. We will miss him too.

 Naseeruddin Shah

I worked with him in Sir and he has been an institution of acting. Someone I learnt a lot from.

 Paresh Raval

Is a school of spontaneity and someone very different from Naseer saab and I admire him.






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