READY TO SHINE: Digital Cover Star Jasmin Bhasin on her big screen move!

Meet our Digital Cover Star Jasmin Bhasin as she talks to Aakanksha Naval-Shetye about making her debut in Punjabi films and also shares her excitement of entering Bollywood    

We meet Jasmin Bhasin in Mumbai. Looking stunning, the actress is all smiles as she talks about her journey from the small screen to big. One of the most popular faces in the TV industry, and with several hit music videos to her credit, Jasmin has now trained her sights to filmdom. In spite of several offers in her kitty, the actress tell us that she was in no rush to take up just about any film coming her way. And now that she has, there’s just no looking back for the young star. Excited about her Bollywood debut, she’s equally looking forward to her first Punjabi film Honeymoon opposite Gippy Grewal. Excerpts

How did your journey here start? Did you always want to be an actress?
Honestly no, I had never even thought about it. Sometimes I think that it was just a destined path for me, God showed me this path and then I just went on it. I kept working hard and kept going and I’m glad I chose it.

Tell us more about your Punjabi debut?
It’s a film called Honeymoon, and it’s a fab script. It’s a family comedy drama with a beautiful message. It’s very entertaining and we had a lot of fun shooting it. I’m paired opposite Gippy (Grewal).

We’ve also been hearing about your Bollywood debut…
Yes, but I can only talk about it after the official announcement has been made. Currently we are in talks and the script is being developed. I will share it with the world and talk all about it once it’s ready.

You’ve had quite a few offers earlier too, so why such a long wait to finally sign your first film?
Because I believe that the first is always important… You know what they say about the first kiss always being special (laughs), so well, the first movie is also important and very special. I’m also very ambitious, so for me the first project no matter what the platform is very important. Even when it was television, I waited and I chose all my shows after much consideration. And now that it’s my movie debut I was waiting for the right project too. I had been getting a lot of regional offers, but I waited and finally agreed for Honeymoon as it’s something I have loved associating with. Even in Bollywood, there’ve been a lot of offers and scripts, but there’s something specific that I’ve been waiting for. I want a chance to showcase my acting abilities more than just my looks. A performance-oriented role.

That’s professionally. On a personal note, how romantic are you?
I’m actually very moody. If the mood is good, I’m very romantic for sure…

And what’s love for you?
Feeling of love is a feeling of comfort, that feeling when you can go back to someone after a difficult day or a stressful time, something that makes you feel secure. Makes you believe that if there’s nothing else, there’s love. It’s coming home to a warm feeling.

So what’s the way to win your heart…
Good food, definitely good food! I’m a true blue foodie at heart, and the reason why I work out very diligently is because I can’t give up on food. Food makes me happy! I can’t control that (laughs).

What would we catch you doing when not facing the camera?
Chilling on my lounger, eating, watching TV, playing with my dog… Staying cosy at home.

Celebrity Crush?
These days is Ranveer Singh… especially since in recent times when we have seen his superhot pics (laughs). I’ve never really had a crush as such, but his pics are hot!

So a movie with him or a date?
Of course a movie… work comes first!

Is there any specific actor who’s journey has inspired you?
No, I don’t look up to any one actor’s career graph specifically. Because that would make me feel like I’m always lagging! Everyone has achieved something at a certain time and we all work along different timelines. So, I set goals for myself, move ahead, step by step towards what I have to achieve. You know each one has their own journey, so while I appreciate actors and their performances, and skills, I don’t look at their careers to decide my own journey.

When entering the industry, what’s that one advice you should never listen to?
You know people say that this profession has no stability, but the fact is that Covid has proven that there is anyway no stability in life, forget any profession. So, at least the days that you have, you should enjoy doing what you do and live to the most. So don’t listen to them.

Is there a specific goal you have set for yourself?
The kind of persona I am… hyper, impulsive, always at it and doing something… I will have that feeling till my last breath because the moment I achieve something, I’m already on to my next… I am like that. Its excites me, I set another goal, also I’m someone who gets bored easily, so I have to keep doing stuff that would keep me interested.

What keeps you going when the going gets tough?
The day I get very comfortable in anything I will stop growing, so I keep pushing the envelope. Once I feel that it’s achieved, I need to up the level. You have to keep going if you want to keep growing.

Is there a lesson learnt from the journey?
No matter what, times will keep changing. When it’s bad, keep going, good times will come around and when it’s going good, don’t get carried away because that too will not always remain the same. Stay grounded and stay practical.

How do you deal with trolls, are you bothered by them?
Now I don’t because in comparison to the trolls and negativity, there’s a lot more to feel happy about and feel blessed. My fans make me feel special. Make me feel blessed. I can happily ignore the bad.

What’s your secret of being fit and fabulous!
Work hard, think before eating, stay true to yourself, and be happy, you’ll always be glowing!




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