Spruce up with a scarf!

A style favourite, scarf is always the perfect go-to for amping up any fashion look.

Though scarfs were originally invented in 1350 BC, the fashionistas over centuries have managed to revamp it, into a modern-day accessory, head gear and even a top.
Here are 3 exciting ways to style up your scarves into something flattering and stylish:

Secure your stylish hair do

Instead of plainly wrapping you scarf around your hair, try out this easy hack instead.Pullback your hair and secure it into a pony or a hair bun and just simply wrap your scarf around it and knot it up, to have a perfectly chic hair look, without it looking unadorned.

Fancy-yet ready for work

Spice up your everyday selfsame work outfits, with just a minute change. All you’ll need is to wrap your scarf, around your neck and secure it in a low knot and voila you got yourself a chic yet classy work ensemble.

Presentable yet casual

Can’t ever decide on what to wear? We’ve got you covered. To get dressed and look presentable in just five minutes, all you’ll need is a satin scarf. Easy right, spread your scarf around your top and secure it, with a tight knot and turn it around. There you go, you got yourself a perfectly casual yet on the go outfit ready, in just five minutes. You can always style your scarf top with a pair of boyfriend jeans of straight cut pants and throw on some heels or shoes based on the occasion.

Try on these easy yet gorgeous hacks to amp up your style game and see the difference in your look instantly.


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