Sushmita Sen back at fitness, a mere week after angioplasty

Five days ago when Sushmita Sen posted about her heart attack and the subsequent angioplasty, one could hear the internet gasp collectively. How could someone as fit and active (and supposedly healthy) as Sen, suffer a heart attack? The mind boggled!

As if to keep rumours from flying, Sen took it upon herself to share updates about her improving health, keeping her worried fans informed. She went to the extent of going live on Instagram and answering fans’ queries about her health.


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Being the fitness junkie that she is, she’s already back at the game, and shared this picture of her workout. She’s cleared by her cardiologist to get back to stretching, and that’s how she spent her Holi. She stressed that while it’s true that despite working out, she suffered a heart attack, the impact and recovery gained from her regular workouts. She hinted that had she not been a regular at the gym, the situation could’ve been much worse.

The queen is back.


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