The Clean Girl makeup is our official look for this summer

Glossy, shiny and clean


Putting the nude makeup aside, we are loving the Clean Girl makeup look. It’s something like the No Makeup look, but only prettier! The makeup divas on TikTok share with us many makeup tutorials on how to get your Clean Girl makeup on point!

First things first, after cleansing your face and moisturizing it, apply concealer on the inner corner of your eyes and the outer edge as well. Apply concealer to the sides of your nose, and lips, and a little bit on your cheeks and your forehead.


Using your flat brush or your beauty blender (make sure that it’s wet) blend the concealer well and top it up with your favorite setting spray. Once it’s completely dry, tap bronzer on your cheekbones, top of your forehead, nose and some on your upper lip.

Choose a blusher that complements your skin tone and gives you a natural look. While applying your blusher, blend it upwards to give your face a natural lift.


For the eyes, you will need mascara and what it left on your bronzer brush. Gently, tap your bronzer brush on the crease of your eye to give a touch of glam, and using your mascara, add one layer to give it natural look.

Eyebrows play an essential role in your Clean Girl makeup look. Brush your eyebrows in one direction and give a neat look.

And the last step of the Clean Girl look is a cute lip-gloss. For summers, we recommend you to use lip-gloss that provides you hydration and protection.


Clean Girl makeup look can be worn for different places, such as gyms, morning dates, job interviews, or shopping.





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