The Queen of Snow

The first scene of the film will remind you of the childhood of Elsa and Anna. What is really special about the film is the sense of humor. Due to that humor element, adults and children will enjoy the film.


The soundtrack is in one word “inspiring”. Meaningful songs that speak about the story from each character’s point of view. It’s more like telling a story with melody.


This animation film will definitely touch your emotions. The sisterhood between Elsa and Anna, trying their best and sacrificing themselves to save their kingdom and the cherry on the top was the love story between Anna and her fiancé Kristoff, who’s always there to save her. The film will thrill you to know what is happening else, the plot is full of excitement.


Olaf, the snowman. The fun part of the film. His unstoppable questions about random things will push you to laugh. The snowman who prefers the summer over the winter, and the warm cuddles over the cold breeze. His theories that don’t make sense will help to solve the difficulty in an unexpected way. Not to mention his positive energy that will surely cheers you out.  Of course, he is my favorite among the others.


Frozen part two will surely surprise you with the story. As it’s winter already, it’s the right time to watch a film that talks about the power of snow! The movie is showing now in all theaters in UAE.


Filmfare Middle East Rate: 4/5


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