UAE schools to gradually return to in-person learning

Schools in the UAE began the year with remote learning as a precautionary measure


The National Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) announced recently that students will be getting back to in-person learning gradually from Monday January 24.

The change is said to happen in two phases. The first group of students to return on Monday January 24 include kindergarten students, elementary school pupils, students in Grade 12 (Year 13 for the British system), as well as those who will take international exams, and pupils from higher education institutions. However, the higher education pupils are required to show a green pass on the Al Hosn app. The second group includes the rest of the academic levels starting Monday January 31.

The Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee has also agreed to gradually begin in-person learning from Monday January 24. They will also be doing this in two phases. The first group will include kindergarten students, Grades 1 to 5 (Years 2 to 6), Grade 12 (Year 13), higher education students, as well as those preparing for international and national exams. Grades 6 to 11 will however continue with remote learning for the week and return to in-person learning from Monday January 31.

All students returning to school are required to provide a negative PCR test that is less than 96 hours old and relevant to their specific return week. Additional PCR tests will also be taken every two weeks. Teachers as well will have to provide a negative PCR test that is less than 96 hours old. The teachers and teaching staff, in addition, must always maintain green status on the Al Hosn app in the educational premises.

The same protocols are asked to be followed by the parents. Additionally students, teachers and administrative staff must sign a travel declaration and also provide a negative PCR test result on Day One and Day Six from returning to the UAE after traveling. If a parent wishes to keep their children from attending in-person classes they can do so. Parents have the option to keep their children learning remotely. 


Contributed by Nishitha Rachel.


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