UAE to host first sleep concert

Snooze at the first ever sleep concert in the UAE.

Ever fell asleep on your way back home from work, and woke up with a start because you didn’t want anyone to think you were asleep? Well, Theatre of Digital Art (ToDA) is here to host UAE’s first ever sleep concert where it is socially acceptable to snooze in public, during a concert.

The live musical relaxation concert, hosted by ToDA is all about relaxing and laying down. The concert will be held throughout February at Souk Madinat Jumeirah on February 18, 19, 25 and 26. Held between 10pm to 1am, the general tickets cost Dhs150 per person and Dhs200 per person for a premium experience.

Photo taken from Theatre of Digital Art website

The concert starts off with minimalist abstract light and video art, along with relaxing music. The calming ambiance with visual effects are said to create a meditative and hypnotic environment for the visitors.

The music, during the second hour, is said to get slower and deeper, helping the audience to fall asleep peacefully. And how do they wake up their audience? The music gets an upbeat note in the last hour which helps the audience wake up. Sure sounds like a very relaxing concert.


Contributed by Nishitha Rachel.


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