Understand aesthetics through your style!

Every person, regardless of their fashionista status, has their own aesthetic and vibe. It can be just their regular outfits or those with a little effort in them. Ever wonder what your aesthetic might be? Well, you don’t have to anymore! Understand what your aesthetic is through your style.

— Cottagecore
Imagine you’re living in a little cottage in a country side, that’s what this aesthetic is all about. It includes outfits like breezy sundresses and night gowns.

— Grunge
This one could be seen as a little emo and edgy. Think back to the 80s style band tees and flannel skirts styled with a choker or Doc Martens.

— E-girl
Fairly new in the world of aesthetics, this is kind of an indie style. It usually inclued dyed hair, mesh outfits and quirky accessories.

— Dark academia
True to its name dark academia revolves around academia, mainly classic literature and art history. This aesthetic is for mysterious and intellectually inclined.

— Normcore
Normcore basically refers to a personal style, the kind of style that doesn’t fit and is for yourself only. It’s relatively simpler than other aesthetics but beauty is in simplicity after all, right?

— Baddie
You must’ve seen this style on Instagram. Most beauty bloggers and influencers can be described as baddies. Tight fit dresses and stunning make up is the core of this aesthetic.

— Light academia
Sort of, but not entirely like dark academia, this aesthetic is also related to classic literature. It’s mainly associated with the lighter side of music, art and history.

— Art hoe
This is a shout out to all the non-artist artists. No matter how long ago you painted that mural or drew that sketch, you are still fit the art hoe aesthetic! The core of this is a person’s love for art and all things beautiful.

— Softcore
Also called Kawaii, this aesthetic is all cute outfits and pastel colours. Usually the wardrobe includes lots of cardigans and floral patterns.

— Vintage
This one is probably the most chic looking aesthetic there is. It’s all about that 70s and 60s era style.

Let us know what your aesthetics are and what vibe do you prefer!

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)


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