VACAY MODE: Head to Azerbaijan for an unforgettable fun family time!

Azerbaijan provides a diverse array of entertainment options suitable for every member of the family. While adults often find themselves drawn to the captivating aspects of the country’s rich history, vibrant culture, and delectable cuisine, children tend to gravitate towards a different spectrum of activities. Presented below are a selection of remarkable activities that families can enjoy with their children in Azerbaijan

Fun for everyone at the Baku circus

It can be said that the roots of contemporary circus performances in Azerbaijan date back to ancient times, as certain elements of them can be found in national games such as ‘chovgan’, a forerunner of polo, and ‘zorkhana’, historical sports arenas where various strength-testing competitions were held. The first professional circus in Azerbaijan was built in the 1890s by the famous Nikitin brothers, while the first Azerbaijani national circus troupe was established in 1945.

The current building of the Baku State Circus was constructed in 1967 and stands out among Baku’s architectural monuments of the 20th century for its original appearance and magnificent dome. Today, the Baku Circus is a place where local residents go on weekends and holidays to watch outstanding performances by famous circus artists, including aerial gymnasts, acrobats, stuntmen and clowns. In addition to local performers, circus groups from Russia, Ukraine and other countries often perform at the Baku State Circus. Tickets for performances are available on the website iticket.a

  • Exciting wildlife at the City Cente

The Baku Zoo with a total area of 4.25 hectares has been modernized in accordance with the most advanced international standards and state-of-the-art facilities. 125 animal species are present here, and 22 of them are listed in the Red Book. At the zoo, visitors can get acquainted with a variety of interesting animals, including small tropical birds, tigers, lions, leopards, bears, camels, Caucasian noble deer, gazelles, monkeys, wolves, zebras, alpacas, crocodiles, various reptiles, eagles, black swans and many other species. Visitors can learn a lot about these animals and get in close contact with some of them, enjoying the beauty and perfection of nature.

Baku Zoo is not only a place for entertainment, but also carries out extensive activity on the protection and reproduction of rare and endangered species, raising awareness about the importance of wildlife and biodiversity protection. Tickets to Baku Zoo can be purchased at the box office until 17:30 or via


  • Find peace of mind at the Shamakhi alpaca farm 

After a visit to the vineyards in the village of Meysari, known for its viticulture and winemaking traditions, memorable moments await in the mountains of Shamakhi at the alpaca farm, whose animals and green meadows provide an entertaining and educational experience for you and your children. Fantastic conditions have been created here among the green pastures for alpacas, which are widespread in South America’s Andes Mountains. With their soft and sweet appearance, they make you want to hug them as soon as you see them.

Alpacas are naturally interested in everything and have a friendly nature. The amusing way they interact with each other, their friendliness towards people and the opportunity to stroke and embrace them all combine to create a therapeutic experience. Visitors to the farm have the opportunity to meet and feed a large family of alpacas, together with partaking in other activities to forget your daily fatigue, such as yoga and picnics on the green grass among the alpacas. You can be sure that any pictures you take with the alpacas and share on social media will make your friends back home jealous!

Children can find more fun at the farm’s playground, equipped with various attractions. And you can make sure your memories last longer by buying handicrafts, shirts, hats and other souvenirs sold in the gift shop.


  • Explore children’s entertainment on the seashore

Occupying an area of 5,000m2, the Kinderland education and entertainment centre is reminiscent of a small model of Baku, with streets, shops, a bank, a hospital and even an airport. This kids’ town even has a special currency – kindi. Here children encounter different professions – doctor, fireman, policeman, pilot, cook, scientist, actor, stylist, hotel employee, travel agent, etc. – and through role-playing they have fun and learn about them. Of particular interest are the installation and professional flight simulator made from the 16-metre body of an Airbus A319. There are more than 60 types of activities here designed for children aged 4-14, as well as a special playground for younger children.

Elsewhere, the SkyPark sports and entertainment complex is a place where the whole family can have fun and demonstrate their physical abilities. Trampolining, wall climbing, ziplining, a rope park, dodgeball and Ninja Quest are open to both children and adults. The entertainment centre is suitable for everyone over the age of 5, but some activities are intended for teenagers and adults over 13 and 16.

Another great place for children to have fun and relax in Deniz Mall is the Happyland children’s entertainment centre, featuring various attractions, playgrounds and a large toy store. Here children have the possibility to win a variety of toys from the toy store through tickets won during the games. Note that the Happyland children’s entertainment centre also operates in the Park Bulvar and Metropark shopping malls.

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