Walk with a spring in your steps!

Having to spend almost a year indoors the footwear fashion took a different route. It felt rather dramatic to wear your best shoes just to talk a trip to the grocery store. But now that restrictions are being eased, let’s see what’s trending in footwear fashion!

Kitten Heels
They give you chic as well as formal look and are perfectly balanced between a night out and a semi formal event.

Hybrid Sneakers
Sneakers have received a lot of popularity recently and have become comfort footwear. Their spunky and sporty style gives them extra points.

Lug—Sole Loafers
Also called chunky soled dad sneaker, fashion has a love—hate relationship with this footwear. Regardless of that though, they are emerging to be rather stylish when one knows how to pair them!

Ankle Straps
These sandals are one of the sexiest in footwear fashion right now. Not as high as to stress your feet but also stylish enough, these are perfect for a date night!

Graphic Heels
Sort of like a hybrid between boxed heels and stilettos, these are a little funky and a lot sturdy. These make you look stylish as well as keep your feet stable.

Let us know which is your comfort footwear this year!

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)


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