What’s new in eye make-up?

Eye make-up is one area where you can explore and get the most creative in your make up routine. This 2021, don’t get left behind on the new quirky trends of eye make-up! Check our list to be up to date.

White Eyeliner
Starting off with a relatively easy one. White eyeliner are simple yet untraditional and give the wearer A bright and fresh look.

Lash Lift
This has to be one of the most gorgeous looks with remarkably less handiwork- just mascara! This makes your lashes look longer, darker and fuller!

Go Graphic
This type of eyeliner is quite literally art, there is limit and no rules. You can can play around with the shades and shapes and get creative to make it look playful.

Feline Eyes
Not to be confused with regular cat eyes but this trend is definitely as good as it, if not better. With rich blue eye shadow, this look is rather intense and dramatic in the best possible way!

Ombré Orbs
We all love ombré hair but, it’s definitely not limited to just hair. This blend of bright and light hues gives your eyes A classic lift!

Well we’re certainly going to try all of these! Which one is your favourite?

(Contributed by Prachi Mogal)


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