2021 Hat trends this Summer

This year is all set to take the world of accessorizing head-on. Fashionistas have been craving to enhance their fashion outfit with just the right oomph factor all this while, and hats seem to be it. This voguish protection from all that blazing heart is a must have to complete your seasonal closet. Let’s checkout which ones turn heads this summer!

1. Printed Bucket Hats
This hat has beach vibes written all over it. These are lightweight to carry and adds a fun flair to the person adorning it. Bucket hats are of tropical origin, they can be cotton, straw or even denim material giving your outfit a retro touch. 

2. Raffia Hats
Raffia straw hats have been in public-eye for a while now, what makes an entry this year are the all new crocheted raffia hats. These timeless hats are flexible, easy to toss into your bags and provide great sun protection.

3. Oversized Floppy Hats
A statement hat that is on every beach-goers luggage. Not just protects your face with its floppy waves but also adds dramatic glam to your outfit. These are hand woven and quite popular even with the frayed edges. 

4. Visor Hats
Are you also the one who prefers hand woven hats over anything else? Then, you’re in luck! This year has been reigning straw hats. Any and every hat has a straw alternative being introduced. Sporty visors are still preferred by many but natural straw visors are the latest accessory to up your fashion game. 

5. Trucker Hats
Trucker hats or mesh caps are netback caps that usually come with a pop of decal or a logo in the front. Their origin dates back to the 60’s in USA where these hats were used to keep your head cool and sweat-free. Slay your sporty trouser look with a trucker hat!

So many styles! What’s your pick?

(Contributed by Safia Mansoor)


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