3 Must know beauty benefits of rose water!

Rose water is an excellent solution when it comes to your skin care issues.

Here are 3 Must know beauty benefits of rose water.

1. Soothes skin irritation

Rosewater consist of reliving ingredients wherein it reduces any sort of redness or itchiness present in your skin. It also helps moisturise and rejuvenate your skin to live-in it up. All you’ll need for this remedy is to soak your cotton pad in some rose water and dab it over your face. Repeat this hack once every day to see more efficient results.

2. Face mist and setting spray

Rose water besides being a solvent for your skin irritation problem acts perfectly as a setting spray as it leaves your face feeling fresh and radiant. All you’ll need to do is spray some freshly acquired rose water on your face and let it rest. Repeat this each time you apply your makeup to acquire a fresh and radiant glow.

3. Has immense anti-aging properties

Another benefit of using rose water is that it acts as a solvent against ageing skin. It also helps smoothen out your skin and avoid redness. All you’ll need to do is apply rose water on your face and leave it overnight, rinse your face off the next morning using some cold water. Repeat this hack daily to see better results.

Contributed by Dhara Shah


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