3 ways to style up your blazers!

Blazers for a long time were known to be worn only at work spaces or a formal event, but in the recent years the fashion trend setters and fashionistas have managed to come up with multiple occasions you can wear a blazer to.

Here are 3 easy ways to style up your blazers to have a chic street style outfit under minutes.

1. Co-ordinate set

Blazers were moreover seen in the basic colours, but to style a perfect look you can opt for hues that compliment you and your skin tone. Styling this look is extremely easy just grab a blazer and pair it with a matching colour bottom be it a skirt, pants or jeans and add on a basic white tee or a crop top of your choice. Seal this look with the addition of some sneakers of your choice or take it up a notch with some fancy boots.


2. Cropped with a pinch of edgy

Hope on to the trend of owning a pair of cropped yet edgy looking blazers. You can style this look up for a brunch or even a date. Add on a pair a cropped sleeveless tie around top and pair this look up with some white pants or even a straight lined skirt. Pair this look up with some gold hoops and a classy watch along with sneakers or heels of your comfort and choice.

3. Touch of neon

You can always style your ‘blazer look’ to be sporty and fun to wear. Select hues from the brighter and louder colour palettes.Pair this look with a top of your choice and some fun denim shorts. To make this look chic yet on the fun side you can switch out your shoes for some low-level heels and voila!, you got yourself a chic yet easy going outfit.

Use these style tips to style up your blazer look and add a little twist to your fashion game.

Contributed by Dhara Shah


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