4 Hacks to keep your nail polish last for a longer time

These hacks have kept our nails looking prettier!

There are many ways that will make a girl feel better, and getting her nails done is one of the ways for sure! The cleaned-up cuticles, new-fresh nail polish, and perfectly shaped nails. In order to keep your fresh nail polish stay for a longer time, there are a few hacks that are easy and handy.



  • Avoid more than 3 coats

Putting the base coat and top coat aside, your nail polish coat should not be more than 3 coats. When you are applying more than 3 coats of nail polish on the nail, you increase the chance of getting your nail polish to peel off in one piece.



  • Seal the edges

When you are done with your nail polish coats, make sure that you seal your nail polish but apply the color horizontally on the top edge of your nail. The top edge of the nail is the part where it’s most likely to get chipped. Make sure that the brush doesn’t have too much nail polish, then gently apply a thin layer to seal and protect the edge.



  • Topcoat it

A top coat is extra protection for your nail polish. Make sure that you apply a top coat when your applied nail polish is completely dry, and top it up with a protective top coat. This will give your nail polish a longer fresh-applied nail polish color.



  • Wear gloves while cleaning

Well, wearing gloves while washing dishes is a bit challenging, but it’s worth it. While cleaning, we tend to use cleaners that have chemicals, which lead to peeling and chipping the nail polish. Even a top coat will not be able to protect your nail polish for a long time when you are doing domestic work with chemical cleaners. The best thing that you can do for your nail polish is to wear gloves while cleaning.






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