Nail trends that you will absolutely love!

It’s difficult to resist these trends!


This year promises us beautiful, stunning, and breathtaking nails. The colors and the options are unlimited. We just can’t choose which one we love more! Starting from the funky press-on nails to the beauty of graphic nails. Sharing some of these trends that will make you book your Mani appointment ASAP.


Complementary Colors

For those who really love to play it safe, this is for you! Choose two colors from the same family and mix them.


Press-on Nails

Press on nails is our new best friend! This trend is easy and saves time like magic. The designs and colors on these nails are unlimited and will give you what you need.


Short and Square

Classy is also trending this year. If you don’t like long nails and loud colors, go for classy short and square nail. It will always win.


Graffiti Vibe

Those who don’t joke when it comes to their nails and ready to take it to the maximum level, graffiti vibe nails are what you are looking for. If you are not a pro in nail art, then press-on nails are there to the rescue.


Metallic Touch

Adding a metal accent or a gold stripe is an easy, impactful way to up the ante on your manicure. If nail art isn’t your thing, reach for a polish with metallic flecks.


Green for the Nails

“Bottega green” is making its way onto manicures. Whether you go for fully green nails, or even mixed with other shades is what everyone getting obsessed about.


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