5 Basic Wardrobe Must-Haves!

Building your own wardrobe and style-files can be a task, but with the inclusion of these must-haves, that should be easy. Here are 5 wardrobe essentials that will change your everyday styling and make it look chic, classy and effortless

Ripped Jeans
Owning a pair of basic ripped jeans is a compulsion. Styling a ripped jean is extremely easy. If your opting for a daily chill casual wear you can always throw on some ripped jeans a t-shirt and some shoes and go about your day. Styling it to look classy and bougie will require minute changes. You can switch out your top to be something really smart and add on a pair of heels to seal the look.

Black tote bag
Every women’s basic necessity includes owning a bag that can carry their essentials and still look stylish. A basic black tote bag fulfils that role ideally and also is a chic accessory for any look, be it from casual to stylish or even on the go.

White sneakers
White sneakers are the ultimate must have in anyone’s wardrobe. It can be a life saver for you if you can’t think of what to pair your outfits with and also matches perfectly with literally anything.

Black classic heels
There are a ton of various heel options available in the stores to pick from, but a classic pair of black heels will be your life saver if in case you can’t think of what pair of heels you should opt for.

White shirt
White shirts are an ideal must have item one should own. These are extremely easy to style. For a formal approach buttoning it up and adding on some heels will work. And for a casual chill day wearing it as an overall over your tank tops and shorts will do the trick.


Complied by Dhara Shah


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