5 beauty benefits of honey you need to know!

Honey is a perfect way to sweeten your taste buds ,but they are infused with immense qualities that make them extremely beneficial for your skin.

Here are 5 qualities that honey possess that work in the favour of your skin care.

1.Helps with fading out scars

Honey consist of antioxidants that provides nourishment to your skin and helps you fade out any sort of scars present in your body. They also consist of anti-inflammation properties that help reduce the severity of stretch marks or any sort of skin discolouration present in your body. Honey is the nature’s remedy to solving your scar problems. All you’ll need to do is rub honey in the affected areas in a circular motion for about 2 mins and rinse it off.

2. Problem solver for psoriasis

Honey is blessed with anti-inflammatory abilities and since psoriasis is a disease of inflammation it can be a problem solver for it. And also can reduce the symptoms of psoriasis. You can apply a layer of honey like you apply your lotion and rinse it off. It can really be helpful to reduce the redness of your skin.

3. Acne controller

Honey being a perfect all rounder in controlling many skin adversities can be perfect to control acne present on your skin.
The anti-inflammatory properties of honey controls the excess oils present in your skin. And will also balance out the bacteria present as well. Honey can be used as a spot treatment over stubborn zits that refuse to go.

4. Works as a moisturiser

The antioxidants present in honey works best as a moisturiser for dry skin types. Honey is known to fight radical skin damages and pollution due to the antioxidants and helps smoothen out the skin.

5. Sweet flavoured lip balm

Honey is a life saver for those burdened by chapped lips and want to avoid chemically infused lip balms. The hydrating benefits of honey will help solve that problem naturally and it won’t be an issue if you by mistakenly eat some honey. Just apply raw honey on your lips for a few minutes and then rinse it off.

Try out honey for various problems you might face when it comes to your skin and naturally see a difference.


Contributed by Dhara Shah


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