Know your heels!

Heels are the most uncomplicated way to turn around any outfit to look panache, chic and formal. Deciding on which pair of heels suit a look the best can be challenging.

These are some heels that will help you know what to choose better.

These heels are moreover comfort heels perfect for a day look. Pair this up with a floral ensemble and rock that look.


2. Block heels
Classic heels not too uncomfortable, but a traditional constant. These heels work best with traditional outfits where you want to look bougie ,but keep your comfort alive.


3. Comma heels
Extremely eye- catching heels due to its shape a perfect style statement to nail a casual outfit or even a pricy look.


4. Kitten heels
These heels are a perfect replacement to your 6 inch stilettos if you’re a heel lover. Incredibly fashionable ,but won’t kill your feet. These heels are moreover supported by 3 inch thin heels.


5. Medium heel
Not too big not too small, these are apt heels if you’re forced to wear them. You can style them up to be a signature compilation for your formal outfits.


Classy heels that have been well known for ages now, you can effortlessly style it with whatever you please. They can be your ideal 9-5 heels as well as your party heels. Switch them up to fit your style.


Another classic must have heels are stilettos.These heels carry themselves with a sort of panache and class. They are moreover between 4-6 inch and can be a little painful for your feet ,but will make you look absolutely gorgeous.


Contributed by Dhara Shah


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